It is an opportunity to study a unique and powerful way of thinking about our internal lives and emotions, and to learn how to treat psychological problems through the psychoanalytic technique.


During your training, you will engage with a wide range of ideas and approaches in our seminar series, alongside having your own personal analysis, and carrying out the supervised analysis of two patients.

While the work itself is hugely stimulating, our candidates also often find their fellow trainees a great source of interesting discussion and support. Our course encourages an atmosphere of mutual support, and many analysts who have trained with us say they have made friends and respected colleagues for life.

Our training is challenging, but it is also enormously engaging and exciting. For many candidates it is among the most profound intellectual and emotional experiences of their lives. Training as a psychoanalyst with us can lead to many different opportunities, and after qualifying candidates incorporate their training into their personal and professional lives in a variety of ways.

We welcome applications from people with a wide range of personal, professional and academic backgrounds.


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